Sunday, September 28, 2008

How can I Mass farm Villages?

You can mass farm villages in many ways. One of the most easiest ways to do so it by purchasing a Premium account. Premium account unlocks "Attack again with same troops" On a report. This allows you to attack the village again without having to go to the rally point, typing in the Co-ordinates and then the troop numbers. Instead it puts you to the page where you have to click "OK" to send off the attack. Very handy if you intend to mass farm lots of villages. Right click on the "Attack again with same troops" and then bookmark it in a separate folder. Do this to all the farms you want to farm as long as you have sent out the attack, and have got the report back. Once you have bookmarked them all, go into your bookmark folder, and click "Open bookmarks in new tabs". Presto! you now have all the villages you want to farm on the screen, all you have to do now it click "OK" and send off the attack. Easy as pie.

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