Friday, April 22, 2011

W56 No haul world pointers continued... Part 3

One tiny problem with this strat is that you have to be extremly lucky  for this to work out. The problem was I was not extremly lucky with it, I had received a scout attack and I had minimal troops, and yeah you can work out the rest. But to not waste time I have restarted and am now testing out this strat:

All resource levels to 15, then start doing a combination of  getting nobleman, building troops and wall plus still improving the resource levels.

Stay tuned for part four when I get up to the stage of nobling (around 2 weeks ish)

But for the time being I restarted and now on 69 points, instead of 3345.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

W56 No haul world pointers continued... Part 2

If you are using this strat and finding you have too much resources, do not worry. Put around 10 farm levels into the que, and with each farm level you build, just build troops to fit your playing style. If you find out that you are having more materials then others, just build your market to an appropiate level and try and balance it out there, if that does not work, and say you have too much iron, just build some units that use the most iron up, like Heavy Cavalry (both offensive and defensive unit) or whatever excess materials you have provided your using them up too in the Headquarters.

Also do not worry about mixing your village at this point in the game because you only need to build pure villages of certain troop types when you have too (when you hit level 30 farm) but you can start to build pure villages when you actually get 2 or more villages, but since you just have one village, do what you want but remember to keep the troops pumping out of the barracks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

W56 No haul world pointers continued...

Getting all resources to level 30 without building any troops or hq/statue ect will be pretty difficult if you are a casual player, but will be average difficulty if you are a serious player, but generally the rewards should pay off a million times. I am currently doing this strat at the moment, but I have one problem. I have too much resources. Yes thats right too much resouces, currently my resouce levels are 28 clay, 28 wood and 20 iron, and my warehouse is 215k of each resource.

My warehouse will be full in a few hours, but I have another warehouse level in the que almost built so I will be alright for the time being. Another problem I face now is to get rid of these resources, If I upgrade my HQ I will only use up around 200 of each resources per level (It increases but lets use this as an example) and say I upgrade it 2 times per hour and that costs me 400 resources (again an example), my mines are pulling in 3.5k resources per hour.

If you can do mathematics then you can figure out that yes I am getting more resources then I am using. But this will be an advantage when I get into nobling stages and start to store packets, the only problem is I have to get to that stage without resources overflowing....

To be continued.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Troop count throughout 1 month


This is one of my W55 accounts, Started the world with ~130 points, and finished with 28.9k points and 8 villages. Here is how my troop count went throughout the time I played the account:

START: 1 village, ~130 points. 27/02/2011

Server time: 12:13:42 01/03/2011
troops: 318
Server time: 12:08:28 02/03/2011
troops: 428
Server time: 12:58:03 03/03/2011
troops: 537
Server time: 12:53:04 05/03/2011
troops: 938
Server time: 2:20:40 07/03/2011
troops: 1305
Server time: 14:49:41 07/03/2011
troops: 1456
Server time: 13:17:29 08/03/2011
troops: 1713
Server time: 8:53:05 11/03/2011
Count: 2436
Server time: 2:11:46 13/03/2011
Count: 2572
Server time: 12:14:36 15/03/2011
Count: 3415
Server time: 12:16:58 16/03/2011
Count: 3989
Server time: 13:04:34 17/03/2011
Count: 4549
Server time: 13:19:59 18/03/2011
Count: 5006
Server time: 11:56:49 19/03/2011
Count: 5220
Server time: 13:52:39 20/03/2011
Count: 5910
Server time: 14:23:55 21/03/2011
Count: 6616
Server time: 12:13:29 22/03/2011
Count: 7252
Server time: 12:59:58 23/03/2011
Count: 7984
Server time: 18:38:16 24/03/2011
Count: 8871
Server time: 12:05:45 26/03/2011
Count: 9272
Server time: 13:47:43 28/03/2011
Count: 7754
Server time: 15:21:24 29/03/2011
Count: 8724
Server time: 13:52:42 30/03/2011
Count: 9627
Server time: 14:29:22 31/03/2011
Count: 10819
Server time: 19:31:32 01/04/2011
Count: 11978
Server time: 14:05:08 02/04/2011
Count: 11248
Server time: 13:54:38 03/04/2011
Count: 12563
Server time: 14:26:53 05/04/2011
Count: 16342
Server time: 13:43:30 06/04/2011
Count: 17974
Server time: 14:13:36 07/04/2011
Count: 19723
Server time: 3:30:10 09/04/2011
Count: 12327
Server time: 15:24:54 10/04/2011
Count: 16016
Server time: 11:39:00 11/04/2011
Count: 17568

END: 8 vilages, 28.9k points.

Server time: 13:27:08 12/04/2011
Count: 19412

10005 Axemen
711 Light cavalry
0 Rams
355 Catapults
Defensive Units
5193 Spear fighters
2 Swordsmen
3146 Heavy cavalry
355 Catapults
0 Militia
Other Units
0 Scouts
0 Paladin
0 Noblemen

101k ODA 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

World 56 settings

W56 settings
Speed: 2.0
Unit speed: 0.6
Paladin: Yes, without weapons
Archers: Yes
Church enabled: No
Noble system: Cheap Packets (rising costs)
Morale: Points and time based
Bonus villages: Yes
Barbarian villages: Grow very slowly to 800 points
Tech system: 10 levels per unit
Beginner protection: 5 days
Tribe limit: 100
Other info: Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 100ms. Hauls are disabled. Customized starting building levels.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Morale Basher

What is a Morale Basher?

Ok basically a Morale Basher is a smaller point player that helps a bigger point player by attacking the bigger players noble targets.

Why doesn't  the big player just attack their noble target instead of getting someone else to do it for them?

Higher morale of your troops means that they will not suffer as much losses as an army with low morale. When bigger players (by bigger I mean point wise)  attack smaller players they have reduced morale, and so with reduced morale when they are attacking means that they will incur more losses if they would attack a player with a higher morale attack.

So as you can see above the bigger the player = bigger morale penalty when attacking players smaller than them, but they have no penalty if they attack players that are bigger than them. Let me put this into more simpler terms below:

Bigger player (a) attacks smaller player (b) <---- Increased penalty for morale = more losses.

Player (a) attacks player bigger than them (Player c)  <--- No morale penalty as the smaller player is attacking the bigger player = less losses than if you where attacking player (b).

So the whole Idea of a morale basher is to not suffer a great deal of losses from the morale penalty. Instead the bigger player effectively hires a smaller player to attack players of their size or similar to not let the bigger player waste their troops because of the morale penalty. Paying  of the smaller player from the hiring can come in forms of resources, support, villages and more importantly respect.


Morale is calculated by dividing the defending players points by the attacking players points, multiplying this by 300 and then adding 30.

30 + ((defending player's points/attacking players points) x 300) is the formula. This should match the numbers given in the simulator when rounded to the nearest whole number.
(Reference:  )

Written by Ozzzzk,
Contact me in  W56 by the username "Ozzzzk" just state the tile of the message "TW Blog"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

W56 No haul world pointers

Ok first of all you need to know what brings in the resources. Farming? Nope, resource mines? Yep. So it would make sense not to LC rush at the start because there will be no point as farming is disabled.

But how will I get resources faster than other players to put me into the lead?
Build resource mines and warehouse only. Do not get into the hype of *If I build my statue, and my HQ and maybe a farm level I will be the highest point player in my area and maybe even the world!*

You need to focus all your resources on resource levels only, this is the only way to accumulate resources faster than someone building up their HQ ect. So it makes sense to say that the higher the resource level the higher the hourly output right? Correct.

Also I do not see any point in building troops at this point in the game since there are no nobles out yet and you can not be farmed because of the no haul aspect of the world.

You will find that your points will grow slowly at the start of doing this strategy, but you will see a more stable point increase overtime than most of the people just building statues, hq and farm levels ect...

So main things to note:
1) Just build up your resource levels and warehouse when you need and try not to get into the point boosting hype at the beginning of the world, you need a stable sources of resources fast. Also you may need a farm level in the future because your mines take up population.

2) No point in building troops for the time being, at least wait until you have enough hourly output of resources first, but after all it is entirely up to you.

3) This world is better suited the casual Tribal wars players, and some people will say that this will be the tribal hugs world of tribalwars because most people will be building defensive troops instead of being agressive and building offensive units. If you are new to tribalwars or a little more experienced this world will be a good learning curve for you because if you play your cards right on this world, just imagine how good you will be when you join a farming enabled world.

Well thank you for reading, If you play W56 and want to contact me, just send me a mail to oJvCo with the subject of the message titles "TW Blog"



Disclaimer: Following this strategy is up to you, but do not use this strategy word for word because every TW player has different circumstances they have to deal with, use this as a general guide path.
Written by oJvCo/Author of Tribalwars Hints and Tips blog.