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What does it take to be a successfull Tribalwars player?

Being a successful Tribal wars player can be accomplished in many ways, some quite unique. But none the less they all fall into the same group. Whether you are just starting out, or have been around for some time, you have the ability to succeed in your goals. It will take many hours of farming, waking up at 2am to send countless farming runs and attacks. Depending on your position of course. But the only way to succeed in a world of Tribal wars is to attack and conquer. You cannot become #1 in a world in Points or ODA if you do not build Offense. But you can become #1 in ODD, if your goal is to become #1 in ODD for a specific amount of time, and you eventually get this goal then Congratulations! Even the title of the game gives away the secret to becoming #1. Tribal Wars, That means to be almost successful all the time, you need a Tribe, and you need war.

The deciding factors that make you a successful tribal wars player are Strategies, Tactics and the use of efficient time while being logged in. Throughout this blog, you will find most of the two deciding factors of game play, which are the Strategies and Tactics. It is up to you to use your time efficiently.

How to make a "Fake" Script, By Publisher

Fake Scripts?

Fake scripts are scripts used by Premium users to mass fake a fellow TW player.
What this fake Script does is when you put it in your quick bar and go to the rally point, then click it, it will randomly add in the Co-ords of the villages you listed in the script. And also your selected unit you would wish to fake the player's village with.

The village you want to fake should be in this section of the script:


As you can see in this example I am only faking two villages there because only two villages listed in the script. I am faking these two villages with Rams.

If you wanted to Fake the player with Cats or something else, insertUnit(doc.forms[0].ram,%201);end(); <-- You would remove the word "ram" and add catapult in its place on the script. Where does this script belong?
Go to Settings --> Edit Quickbar --> Click "add new link" and add the finished script in the Target-URL. Also scroll down to know how to make this script as well.

This script is very useful when attacking a player with 30+ villages. You also need premium to work this script.

If you want to know how to make a fake script please look down:

Ok first of all you need the enemy’s village co-ords.


oJvCos village 687|695 9.675

You only need the 687|695 bit, not the points or the name.

once you have done that you need to get the co-ords and shove a %20 on the back end of it.

Just like this

Then once you do that add a few more village co-ords in

example 687|695%20675|475%20 Yadda yadda until you get how many villages you want to fake.

The it should end up like this:

Spam this player:


That should do the trick.

Clean fakescript:

javascript:coords='enter co-ords here.';var%20doc=document;if(window.frames.length>0)doc=window.main.document;url=document.URL;if(url.indexOf('screen=place')==-1)alert('This%20script%20needs%20to%20be%20run%20from%20the%20rally%20point');coords=coords.split("%20");index=Math.round(Math.random()*(coords.length-1));coords=coords[index];coords=coords.split("|");doc.forms[0].x.value=coords[0];doc.forms[0].y.value=coords[1];insertUnit(doc.forms[0].ram,%201);end();


Recruiting Post Template

Hello Tw Players!

Here is a Template for recruiting members to your tribe. Just change the bolded content in the "[]" brackets, and dont forget to take the "[]"s out aswell.

I am here on behalf of my tribe, [Tribe name]. We offer strong leadership and stronger bonds between recruits. This is reinforced by co-operation between supporting and attacking.

[Tribe name] is formed by some of the best players [Describe previous TW experience, for example"formed by some of the best players who have dominated  their area in previous worlds.]. Who are all very experienced and able to go to the top. [Tribe name] recruitment is extremely limited right now but you have been selected to join. If you are interested in joining and can show that you are experienced, just mail back and state your experienced, backed up with twstats.

We encourage activity of our members to ensure efficiency and to keep everyone working as well as they can. We enforce this by dismissing those who are inactive for over 7 days without prior notice. 

To encourage our members to work hard, we have established tribe goals which we shall work towards. These goals are: 

1) To reach the top tribe in [What world you are playing]
2) To get our members below the 200 ODA and Point mark in as little time as possible.

We have an active community and in the process of organising regular events to encourage further cooperation.

Recruits are given the opportunity to be promoted every week. Those recruits who we believe have done particularly well can increase in rank. This change in rank allows more voting power in certain discussions and greater control over the tribe to further assist leadership. 

If you would be interested in joining or you require further information, contact me.


[Name of Sender]

How to Handel Attacks, By Dazander

I apologize to those experienced players that know all of this, but if you have anything to add, it's always appreciated!

In war, it's not uncommon to wake up one morning to find that you've got an insane number of incoming attacks. If this happens Don't Panic! The worst thing you could do is start sending your troops around in a flurry without taking the time to evaluate the incoming attacks.

First thing that you should note, is that most attacks during a war are fake attacks, consisting of 1 unit. The whole idea behind fake attacks is to overload the defender with information, and try and get them to give up mentally, or try and disguise where the 'real' attack(s) are going. Remember, these 'real' attack(s) may not even be heading towards you. The real attack(s) may be headed towards a tribe member, in which case the fakes are sent at you to make sure you don't send support to any other tribe members.

The best thing to do right away as soon as an attack is headed your way is to try and identify what kind of troops are being sent in the attack. If you've got premium, tribalwars just recently added a nifty little 'troop marching time' calculator to the attack screen. If you don't have premium, you'll have to calculate the attack time using a tool like the 'attack planner' at At any rate, you can often identify what is the slowest troop in an incoming attack, especially if you are online when the attack is sent, or the attack is sent from a long distance. For premium accounts, you can actually rename your attacks to help keep track of them.

Next thing to do is try and identify which villages (if any) are under the highest threat of being attacked with a real attack. The biggest threat is obviously a noble train, which is usually one or more nukes in front of 4 nobles, probably followed by support. Nobles are usually pretty easy to spot because they take so bloody long to travel... Also, when people send noble trains, most of the time they pay more close attention to timing, so the closer together these nukes/nobles/support are, the more likely it's a real attack. Fake noble trains usually are four or five ram attacks in a row, followed by some sloppy support. If all of the nobles/nukes/support come from the same village, that's a dead giveaway that it's a fake noble train, why would a player support from the same village when they know the last noble would support the village with all of it's troops? Players often send this sloppy fake noble train because they don't have the time to properly co-ordinate attacks from multiple villages.

Real noble trains often (but not always) use multiple villages in the attack, so be wary when the nuke/noble/support is all spaces a few seconds apart, and from different villages. It's rare that someone will spend that much time co-ordinating a fake noble attack.

Some good defensive tactics for when you spot a noble train heading your way:

- If the noble train obviously doesn't have more than one nuke, run your troop counts in the simulator, if you can withstand it, especially without taking too many losses, you can just stand up to it heads up.

- If you're concerned about losing too many troops, you can 'split' a noble train by sending your troops out on a farming mission to a nearby city. There are two ways to time this, you can either calculate the 'there and back' time for the farming mission, ensuring that your forces will return in the middle of your opponent's noble train, or you can send them out right before, and then cancel the attack. Personally, I prefer the timed 'there and back' approach, because if you mess it up, you can try it again with a different village, or you can always back up to the 'cancelled attack approach' if you have no other option.

- Another variation of the above is to send support to the village being attacked, allowing it to arrive before the final noble hits.

- If you're pretty sure there's no way in hell you can either split the troops or kill off the incoming nobles, there's a sneaky tactic that will allow you to really hurt the enemy. The biggest downfall of this tactic is that when your village is nobled, all of your troops build in that village dissappear. Anyhow, before the attacks hit, if you can lower the loyalty of the village, there's a good chance that the incoming noble train will noble the village multiple times, and they'll lose all of the packets it took to build the noble, really hurting the enemy in the resource department. To cap it all off, you can send in a nuke and final noble to hit the village in between the last noble and the incoming support (if any) to take the village back.

- A spin off of the last strategy is that you can also simply just noble the village back by timing a nuke/noble to hit after their last noble, but before their support.

As for single attacks, sometimes they could be catapult attacks, or random nukes being send out. In this case, it's best to weight your options.

- If you have a ton of support, best move is to just take the brunt of the attack, and hopefully wipe out the nuke/cat attack. I'd only suggest this if you're confident that you're doing more damage to your opponent than they're doing to you.

- If you're worried about incurring to many losses, you can always 'dodge' the attack, worst case scenario, you may lose some resources and your wall if it's a nuke (as for resources, you can always send them to another village with your merchants, or try and put them into troop queues. Just as a side note, resources up on the market CAN get plundered even though they aren't in your warehouse). Dodging an attack is basically just clearing your village of troops for when the attack hits. If the attack is a catapult attack, they're probably going after your smithy or academy, so worst case scenario, you'll have to build up some damaged buildings. It's all a cost/benefit situation... Weight your potential costs that will be incurred from an attack, against the benefits involved in keeping all of your troops intact.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something in this little guide, and I have no doubt that there will be dozens of posts with things to add :)

I guess I'll leave with a little extra tidbit... Wars are all about resource and time management. Whomever have access to more resources and can use them quickly and efficiently will win the war. 

A successful attack or defense is one that has cost the enemy more resources (and time) than they cost you.

The more defence you have in 1 village the less you lose. sounds simple but what it means is spreading yourself too thinly increases the chances of your losing lots of villages! If you can make sure you have minimum 2 full villages of support if you are going to 'tough out' what looks like a full on attack. Better to defend a few villages well, than all of them poorly.

If there's no nobles incoming, and you dont have lots of troops, just dodge the nukes. A wall can be built back quicker and cheaper than troops. Especially if they have an attack time of multiple days. We'd rather kill the enemy troops, but if they take days to get to you and days to return, that means they are tied up, and cant be reused.

Targeting 1 noble in a train. You time your troops to return as the clearing attacks are finished but before the last noble hits. You dont have to kill the last noble. Depending on the time gaps you can target the 2nd or the 3rd noble in the train with good timing, and get back out again. If your lucky the middle attacks can be weaker then the 1st and last nobles.

Lowering morale. If you expect to lose a village, this is a devastating blow to the enemy. If you can lower morale so that the 1st or 2nd noble gets the village, attacker nobles themselves 2 or 3 times. Each noble then costs the full price to replace, e.g. 30 - 50 noble coins each!!! Added to any troop loss this is a huge blow!

If you can combine this with a swift counter attack to try to retake the village, it can actually hurt the enemy more than if you defended your village! Finally if you expect to lose your village and cant counter, perhaps your tribe mates can noble it back for you. Keep it from the enemy's hands. 

How to Handel Attacks, By Dazander.