Monday, September 28, 2009

Recruiting Post Template

Hello Tw Players!

Here is a Template for recruiting members to your tribe. Just change the bolded content in the "[]" brackets, and dont forget to take the "[]"s out aswell.

I am here on behalf of my tribe, [Tribe name]. We offer strong leadership and stronger bonds between recruits. This is reinforced by co-operation between supporting and attacking.

[Tribe name] is formed by some of the best players [Describe previous TW experience, for example"formed by some of the best players who have dominated  their area in previous worlds.]. Who are all very experienced and able to go to the top. [Tribe name] recruitment is extremely limited right now but you have been selected to join. If you are interested in joining and can show that you are experienced, just mail back and state your experienced, backed up with twstats.

We encourage activity of our members to ensure efficiency and to keep everyone working as well as they can. We enforce this by dismissing those who are inactive for over 7 days without prior notice. 

To encourage our members to work hard, we have established tribe goals which we shall work towards. These goals are: 

1) To reach the top tribe in [What world you are playing]
2) To get our members below the 200 ODA and Point mark in as little time as possible.

We have an active community and in the process of organising regular events to encourage further cooperation.

Recruits are given the opportunity to be promoted every week. Those recruits who we believe have done particularly well can increase in rank. This change in rank allows more voting power in certain discussions and greater control over the tribe to further assist leadership. 

If you would be interested in joining or you require further information, contact me.


[Name of Sender]

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