Friday, May 20, 2011

Tribalwars Poem

Oh you stand about, hopeful and excited.
A village full of people, ecstatic and delighted.
It's brand new, what should I do first?
Let's get as many points as possible, that's sure to work!
If I get enough points people won't attack.
Maybe you should think twice before you slack.
An upgrade here, a new building there
Your enemy isn't showing up anywhere!
All goes well until on the horizon,
Incoming troops and their number is rising!
Maybe you should have built that extra spear.
Your citizens can do nothing but cower in fear.
He empties your resources and destroys your wall.
His troops quickly surround your town hall.
Coming down the road, stealthy and mobile,
It is none other than the enemy's noble.
Your loyalty is dropping, what do you do?
It is too late now, there is no hope for you.
Your villagers love him, they think you are rotten.
No one cares about you, you have been forgotten.
As you and your remaining villagers flee,
The other tribe's leader is laughing with glee.
They take your town's name and make it a number
Merely a reminder of his glorious plunder
As you flee to the rim you find a new dream,
New buildings, new citizens, and a chance to start clean.
Hopefully this time you won't repeat your mistake,
And learn that upgrades aren't the only thing to make!
Troops are important, this fact is true,
Because points do not win wars, troops do!

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