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Ok we call Nukes because they are simular to the Nukes we have today in real life (Yes those big explosion things).

The idea of a Nuke is to clear all the defensive troops in a village, if it does not kill all the troops then it is not a Nuke, it is an attack.

Common mistake I see people doing is calling their offensive armys Nukes and then losing their army. That would again be called an attack. Some players prefer to use the name "Nuke" as a fully maxed out farm offensive army also.

Units and what they are meant for

Axe - Attacking Spears and horses
Light Cavalry - Attacking (And farming on farming worlds)
Spears - Defending against Horses
Swords - Defending against footmen
Archers - Defending against footmen
Heavy Cavalry - Defending against footmen and attacking footmen and horses
Mounted Archers - Attacking archers
Scout - Gathering intel on a village
Rams - Attacking the wall
Catapults - Attacking any building including the wall
Noblemen - Taking over a village


In tribalwars we call a 4 nobleman attack a "Train" because it has 4 attacks (4 attacks is enough to take down the loyalty to 0). If you think of a train  go past you, you will see that the carriges follow closely behind the first carrige. So the carriges will be the 3 nobleman behind the 1st nobleman that we will call the drivers carrige.

So a train has 4 attacks with a noblemen in each attack, with each attack followed closely behind the first one.

Trains are usually sent by the same 1 village, but can be sent by a number of villages but it is harder to time the attack and avoid sniping.


Ok now we know what trains are we are about to know what sniping is.

The concept of sniping is simple, Make support land in between the train attack.

I will show you what a train looks like:

= <-- That will be one noblemen, so a train will look like this:


4 noblemen right? This what our defense marker will be "/"

So our defense will look like this


If we where to snipe a noble train we wouldnt make out defense land like this:


Or this:


But make it land like this:

=/=== or ==/== or ===/=.

So it will break the train and therefore the village will not be nobled because all 4 nobles have not sucessfully attacked the village as our defense landed between the attacks.


Backtiming concept is again simple.

The enemy attacks your village. You send your troops out of the village to avoid being killed by the attack, then you call your troops back just after the enemys attack lands and does nothing, then you attack the enemy right away so when his troops arrive home your troops follow closely behind and kill off his.

You only backtime with offensive troops, idea is to kill his offensive army with your offensive army, and you do this by backtiming.

Writen by Ozzzzk 06/06/2011

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