Thursday, April 21, 2011

W56 No haul world pointers continued... Part 2

If you are using this strat and finding you have too much resources, do not worry. Put around 10 farm levels into the que, and with each farm level you build, just build troops to fit your playing style. If you find out that you are having more materials then others, just build your market to an appropiate level and try and balance it out there, if that does not work, and say you have too much iron, just build some units that use the most iron up, like Heavy Cavalry (both offensive and defensive unit) or whatever excess materials you have provided your using them up too in the Headquarters.

Also do not worry about mixing your village at this point in the game because you only need to build pure villages of certain troop types when you have too (when you hit level 30 farm) but you can start to build pure villages when you actually get 2 or more villages, but since you just have one village, do what you want but remember to keep the troops pumping out of the barracks.

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