Tuesday, April 19, 2011

W56 No haul world pointers continued...

Getting all resources to level 30 without building any troops or hq/statue ect will be pretty difficult if you are a casual player, but will be average difficulty if you are a serious player, but generally the rewards should pay off a million times. I am currently doing this strat at the moment, but I have one problem. I have too much resources. Yes thats right too much resouces, currently my resouce levels are 28 clay, 28 wood and 20 iron, and my warehouse is 215k of each resource.

My warehouse will be full in a few hours, but I have another warehouse level in the que almost built so I will be alright for the time being. Another problem I face now is to get rid of these resources, If I upgrade my HQ I will only use up around 200 of each resources per level (It increases but lets use this as an example) and say I upgrade it 2 times per hour and that costs me 400 resources (again an example), my mines are pulling in 3.5k resources per hour.

If you can do mathematics then you can figure out that yes I am getting more resources then I am using. But this will be an advantage when I get into nobling stages and start to store packets, the only problem is I have to get to that stage without resources overflowing....

To be continued.

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