Monday, April 4, 2011

Morale Basher

What is a Morale Basher?

Ok basically a Morale Basher is a smaller point player that helps a bigger point player by attacking the bigger players noble targets.

Why doesn't  the big player just attack their noble target instead of getting someone else to do it for them?

Higher morale of your troops means that they will not suffer as much losses as an army with low morale. When bigger players (by bigger I mean point wise)  attack smaller players they have reduced morale, and so with reduced morale when they are attacking means that they will incur more losses if they would attack a player with a higher morale attack.

So as you can see above the bigger the player = bigger morale penalty when attacking players smaller than them, but they have no penalty if they attack players that are bigger than them. Let me put this into more simpler terms below:

Bigger player (a) attacks smaller player (b) <---- Increased penalty for morale = more losses.

Player (a) attacks player bigger than them (Player c)  <--- No morale penalty as the smaller player is attacking the bigger player = less losses than if you where attacking player (b).

So the whole Idea of a morale basher is to not suffer a great deal of losses from the morale penalty. Instead the bigger player effectively hires a smaller player to attack players of their size or similar to not let the bigger player waste their troops because of the morale penalty. Paying  of the smaller player from the hiring can come in forms of resources, support, villages and more importantly respect.


Morale is calculated by dividing the defending players points by the attacking players points, multiplying this by 300 and then adding 30.

30 + ((defending player's points/attacking players points) x 300) is the formula. This should match the numbers given in the simulator when rounded to the nearest whole number.
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