Friday, April 22, 2011

W56 No haul world pointers continued... Part 3

One tiny problem with this strat is that you have to be extremly lucky  for this to work out. The problem was I was not extremly lucky with it, I had received a scout attack and I had minimal troops, and yeah you can work out the rest. But to not waste time I have restarted and am now testing out this strat:

All resource levels to 15, then start doing a combination of  getting nobleman, building troops and wall plus still improving the resource levels.

Stay tuned for part four when I get up to the stage of nobling (around 2 weeks ish)

But for the time being I restarted and now on 69 points, instead of 3345.


  1. You obviously have figured out a formula to help you stay alive long enough to noble. But, if you ever do have to start over again, might I share my strategy?

    The complete opposite of what you said. Build troops. First thing you do is build 100 spears as quickly as possible. Once you have the first 40 or so, find an abandoned village or a small player to test out on. Attack and farm. This does double the work for you; it gets you massive resources (more than upgrading your resources early on would) and provides you troops for your defense. My resources are all under 15, but I already have a workshop! It's where you hold priorities. And, quite frankly, I'm all about those around me perishing while I grow!

  2. Good strat mate, but there is no use building troops in early game W56 as it is a no haul world ;)

    But in any other world your strat is the way to go, message me if you have any more guides you want published :)