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Defensive Heavy Cavalry Strat by 68 Soldier.

Welcome to my guide on defence troops, I've played since w1and hope to share my hybrid strat and the know how on how to defend your village. Bear with the long post, i sure hope it's worth your time. The guide is based upon a server without archers or paladins, as old units are my favourite Also, the time numbers are based on a speed 1 world, as that seems to be the normal speed.

Written by 68 Soldier. (thanks to mim for tips and proof reading)

Feel free to use the guide

1.1: The Troop Counts
1.2 Advantages
1.3 Tech levels
1.4 Perfect Village Build.
1.5 Putting the defence into action

1.1- The Troop Counts

The troop counts are similar to those used in Openeye's HC strat (The TeachU textbook), however, are more HC heavily orientated than those Openeye used. However, seen as you can't pull in as many HC from nearby offensive villages, i go a bit more HC heavy than Openeye does.

Defensive Villages:
9000 Spears
1800 Heavy Cavalry
5-10 Cats.

Offensive Villages
7000 Axes~
3000 Light Cavalry
227 Rams

Scout Village
Scout Village:
5000 Scouts
8000 Spears
280- Cats.

Unlike the HC strats used by players such as Openeye, i don't replace LC with HC. In an offensive situation, you cannot use the advantage as the HC strat gives defensive wise shifting defence around, so i prefer to make the nuke as efficient as possible to attempt to minimize losses during the clearing process, which is ultimately what the Axe/LC/Ram combo does over any other combination in offence.

Why 1800 HC over 1250 or another number: I prefer 1800 HC over any other number due to balance. It isn't balanced from the farm space aspect, however, it is more balanced in defensive power situation. It is more General defence heavy than 1250 HC, however, the 1.25k option can't be used as effectively due to you not being able to draw in HC from offensive villages. However, it still brings a big time difference over that of the Spear/Sword option many players use.

Cats? In Defence The only reason ever to use cats in defence is if you have just been heavily hit. They are mediocre in defence and having 200 or so of them is much preferable to not having the cats at all. However, i always have 5-10 cats for sending fakes.

Cats in a scouting village?Yes, i put cats in a scouting village so the village can be doubled up into a village to send cat trains from. ie: Waves of about 50-100 catapults that render villages useless that you either can't, or don't want to noble.

1.2 The Maths side of things and effectiveness.

In comparison to the defence strat of Spear/Sword, on paper the HC strat looks bad. In a Nuke vs HC defence, the Spear/Sword looks far more valuable than the HC strat can ever be. However, should you be disheartened by this, you need to open your eyes to the bigger picture.

The whole point of the HC strat is the ability to shift defence easier and increase rebuild times dramatically. Shifting defence using the HC strat can be far more effective than the spear/sword combo.

For Example:

Last night on w19 after going out, i came back to 7 attacks heading at one village out of my cluster, I have only 100k points there and about 14 villages. This village had been gifted to me by a quitting tribesmate so, was slightly far out of my clusters. The attacks were not fantastically timed, however, without the HC strat the village would have been a goner.
I had 3 minutes between the clearence and the first noble hitting, however, shifting my defence i dodged and slid the own villages defence in between the clearing wave and the noble train. That was 9k spears and 1800 HC i could definitely get in at the appropriate time.

Defence so far
9k Spears
1.8k HC
30 Cats.

I could have risked it, hoped no nukes were escorting the noble. However, not being able to mark the attacks, i didn't have enough confidence to leave it at that and hope for the best. Luckily, i could get 2 full villages worth of HC strat defence into the village.

Defence Now.
27k Spears
5.5k HC
30 Cats

However, due to the HC strat, i still had in my main cluster around 5 defensive villages under no risk of being attacked. So, i sent up all of my HC.

Defence Finally
27k Spears
9k HC (not all villages were full)
30 Cats

His one nuke managed to kill off about 3k Spears and 1k HC between 7 villages.

Summary: By shifting my defence and using the HC strat, i killed a nuke, a noble train and lost about 3 hours worth of building defence. I think you can see the advantages ;)

1.3 Tech Levels

Offensive Research Levels
Level 3 Spears
Level 2 Swords
Level 3 Axes
Level 3 LC
Level 3 HC
Level 1 Rams

You are put at a small disadvantage in offensive situations having level 1 rams, however, still the chances are that other tribesmates will continue to use the spear/sword option over and when requesting support from them, the sword level 2 will make a huge difference to their losses. It's not just an advantage for your tribesmates losses, it's an advantage to the other members of the tribe and your own. By saving their defence, it helps keep you secure brings more advantages to the more defensive player than the disadvantage you get in offence.

Defensive wise, it's the same as any other defensive village on the tech level front.

Defensive Village
Level 3 Spears
Level 3 Swords
Level 3 HC
Level 3 Scouts
Level 3 Cats.

1.4 Perfect Village Build

The optimum village build is essential to both offensive and defensive villages. Get the village wrong and you end up with unecessary bad moral and poor farm space, disallowing the troop counts reccommended.

Village Headquaters - In many situations, 20 is the best village build. You don't Need to ever get it higher than that very often. However, what people fail to recognise is that fact on a frontline place, 30 Headquaters can bring it's advantages aswell. You have to compamise on farm space, thus meaning in a 1 attack Vs 1 defence village, you'll hurt. However, should you be on a frontline, your village Should be stacked. So, it's not about one defence, it's about your tribes faith and how fast you can rebuild wall.

25 Barracks
20 Stables
20 Smithy
3 Academy (or 1, dependant on world settings)
1 Rally Point
19 Market
- A level 19 market gives you 91 merchants. Allowing you to pass packets around your villages effectively, 30k/30k/30k or any combination of 90k resources should be enough from one village.
30 Timber Camp
30 Clay Pit
30 Iron Mine
30 Farm
27 Warehouse
You should be active enough to cope with 27 warehouse. Getting it over 27 is pointless and gives an unessential disadvantage when it comes to moral purposes.
10 Hiding Place - Often people demolish on sight, however, should you dodge a clearing wave, keeping those few resources gives enough to start your wall rebuilding.
20 Wall

1.5 Defending Your Villages

Some of the main advantages of the HC strategy is the ability to shift defence, swiftly stack villages, and snipe between nobles and clearing waves. Without the basic knowledge required to defend in this manner, the vast majority of the advantages are wiped out useless.

'Sniping' The noble

[quote]Sniping, as it is commonly called, is the sliding of defence between a clearing wave and nobles. The advantage of sniping is the fact that you can maintain your losses to a minimum whilst also keeping the village and killing off the noble train.

How to snipe

Sniping is most effective when you have a premium account activated, most players should have access to one, so a few steps are based upon a player being able to use certain premium features.

Stage One: Recognition of the Attacks

Firstly, you need to 'Spot' the attacks. This step involves a premium. You need to try to be online to spot the attacks so you can see the speed of the attack and so you can recognise the clearing wave and to dodge the nuke and see the noble.

Stage Two: Actually Sliding the defence

You can do this in two different ways:

You can use the TW stats attack planner and use it to time support in from another village instead of an attack. Just send at the time given, it's a simple tool to use.

Or, you can do it manually and send an attack, and then cancel so the troops return in time to kill off a noble. This only works in defensive villages.

By 68 Soldier.

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