Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to snipe any noble train by mellowpers0n

Ok im celebrating my return to tribalwars by releasing a secret I promised myself i would never release, sniping has really been left to the last resort way of defending due to its innacuracy, you basically have 1 shot to put defence between nobles, that is till now.....

This is a snipe with support method, you will need multiple villages and at least 1 defence village THAT IS NOT TARGETTED with minimum 4k/4k, new world equivalent or thargorans hc tactic equivalent, and an additional 1K/1K per incoming train

most of this is the same method to sniping itself, heres a quick outline:

1. ID where the incoming noble trains are heading

2. Jot down support times to each village with train incomings from each available defence village from the longest to shortest time. Work out a brief plan of order, if you are sniping from a defence village with train incomings make sure it snipes another train before it is hit.

3. prepare to snipe:

this is where the difference lies:

instead of preping a timed launch of support, open opera and prep up a train, if you have a defence village with 10k/10k in it load 10 tabs and put 1k/1k in each, aim this support for the village you are sniping the trains from.

factor in lag +1 second or so to be on the safe side and launch lag+1 seconds before the support time matches the incoming time on the targetted village.

Now launch a train of support at your village

this is a bit different than normal noble trains, in normal noble trains you aim to launch as fast as possible, in sniping trains you aim to launch as REGULARILY as possible, this is because by doing so you increase the chances of landing one between clearing and nobles.

for example:

incoming support train
00:29:59:500- support
00:29:59:999- nuke:

4. clear the misses, the other great advantage of this tactic is that you can clear all the support that lands outside the train and then reuse the village to support another village.

5. enjoy

and finally, some documented proof of it working, i never said how i took down these incomings, well until now =)

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