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Startup Guide by StayingActive

Startup Guide - Guaranteed top 10 account

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Please remember this is a Guideline dont copy all the build orders exactly. Adjusting to different situations, imo, is what makes a good player, good.


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My Standard Build Order - Close Barbarians Preferred. Activity Required.

1.Do the tutorial, which will give you resources and 5 spears at the end. When the tutorial tells you to send 5 spears to a barb, do it to get the reward at the end of the tutorial. But cancel immediately. As sending 5 spears alone will, although reap a minuscule profitable, lose you 50 valuable limber due to 1 spear dying. Which is not a good idea.

And then the following:

if you have a barb directly adjacent to your village:
Build Statue
and Build Paladin

If you dont have a barb right next to you then build Clay 1, wood 1, Iron 1. <- in that order. THEN build Statue

Farm the nearest villages to you constantly with 5 spears and 1 paladin, If you are finding that there are other active players in your Close proximity, who has built a paladin soon too ( you will see because of increase in points, from statue ) then consider Spiking a Barb near you, and hopefully kill his paladin. Which will a. stop him from farming, and hold him back. And b. leave more resources for you. Make sure you withdraw the Spiking Pally from the barb as soon as possible so you can continue with farming whilst building one of the following:

1. In a fantastic area ( 2 or more barbarians touching your village)
Build Clay 1
Wood 1
wood 2
wood 3
Iron 1

2. In an Average area:
Build Clay 1
Build Wood 1
Build Iron 1
Build Clay 2
Build Wood 2
Build Clay 3
Build Wood 3
Build Wood 4
Build Wood 5

Build Clay 1
Build wood 1
Build Iron 1
Build Clay 2
Build wood 3
Build wood 4

Alot might depend on what resources you are getting from your initial farming with your paladin. If you are getting alot of clay for example, then you might not build clay as high.

HQ 2
HQ 3

Constantly Build Spears.

As soon as you have additional spears, send them with your pally and your 5 spears to the nearest Barb/bonus/ inactive ( If there is no BP.) get between 40 – 120 spears, depending on the number of Barbs, bonus villages that are farmable In your area, always send troops to the nearest villages if you are still getting full hauls to save time, and get more resources. As soon as your hauls drop, spilt up your troops more, and farm villages further away etc. Preferably, farm constantly. If you cannot do this – get an account sitter for when you are not online.
Build warehouse Levels where necessary, You don’t want Red resources.

Warehouse 2- build warehouse 2 when your IRON is approaching its cap
MARKETstore iron in market by setting lopsided offers. E.g. 1000 iron for 2000 wood, you will need the iron later. But if someone accepts, then Great! You’ve just got 1000 Free resources. If you have too much just trade it back at Rip off prices. 2:1. and you will be getting a lot of free resources.
Don’t underestimate the market, it is very useful.

Build Clay 4
Build Iron 2 ( optional )
Build Wood 6
Build Wood 7 (optional tbh)
HQ 4
Build Wood 8 ( optional )

(spend some resources on Spears, if you are having lots of resources from farming, and if you can – build spears and Buildings constantly at the same time.) - of course, only if there is still plunderable resources out there. Your main goal is to have spears being trained constantly.
However, don't waste money on spears if it is not necessary.

HQ 5
( still building spears if it is necessary to do so, if it is necessary – then that is a very good thing, because it means your farming is good and you have lots of Barb villages in your area which is unbelievably Helpful early game, as you are most likely seeing If you are at this point)

If you are losing spears from the base defense of villages, then you might want to train a few Swords. Just a few to escort the spears and reduce deaths. Just dont get too many of them, as you will need the Iron for LC later on.

split up your troops into farming groups of
2 swords with 2 spear
3 swords with 5 spear,
4 swords with 11 spear
5 swords with 15 spear.

or if axes, split into tiny groups of 6 spears, 2 axes, 3 spears/ 2 axes... etc.. depending on distance of the barb. ( more if further )

SMITHY 2 ( optional, read below )
If you can afford it, ( this would depend on your competition in your area, and if or not people are spiking your farms) then you might want to research Some axes, and split them up with your spears. instead of Swords. Also, with axes ( if you can get enough ) you can clear people more efficiently when BP has ended. Don't get too many axes though. Around 50 is absolutely fine. If you have already built swords and are splitting up your spears into small groups, its not necessary to build axes. Just go for LC..

If you see there are a few active players in your area, then consider building using some Swords, and spike some villages. Always send your paladin with the swords if you are spiking, otherwise they will likely Die.

Attacker Units: 20 spears 1 paladin
Losses: 20 spears

Defender Units: 10 swords
Losses: 10 swords

Without the paladin as well, you lose all of your swords, and his paladin is able to escape.
However, if you include your paladin with the swords, then:

Attacker Units: 20 spears 1 paladin
Losses: 20 spears 1 paladin

Defender Units: 10 swords 1 paladin
Losses: 4 swords

As you can see, the paladin has a great effect. We only lost 4 swords this time, and the enemy paladin was killed too. A lot of players do not use spiking very much, but it is a very effective way of keeping the other players growth in your area to a minimum.



Just to note, alot of people will say to upgrade HQ to 10 first. upgrade barracks up first, as this will build troops quicker. ( Swords, possibly axes ) Although, you MAY not be able to keep constant queues. when you DO build them, they will build quicker, and you will be able to use them quicker. and farm!

Remember to perform any farm/warehouse/market resources upgrades where necessary, by now you should have a good count of spears, and you are getting the maximum amount of resources you can from your area. If the hauls are getting too low, now is the time to stop building spears. But if there is more barbs appearing ( from enemies restarting , or if BP is ended earlier, then continue to Spam spears from your barracks, and farm! farm! farm!

HQ 6
HQ 7
HQ 8
HQ 9
HQ 10

( farm/warehouse etc upgrades where necessary, keep farming with your troops, spiking etc etc, you should find by now that you have out grown most of the players in your area. And if there is still people left, then just keep farming as much as possible, and leave no resources for them!)

STABLE 1 ( if you built axes earlier, then build scouts if you WANT. -> scout -> clear -> farm. All of these choices will Determine how quick you get LC. so its all about Judgement )

Now we are going to build the Proper farming troops, Light cavalry! 5 times better than spears. Faster, stronger, can carry more, Aggressive.
Research them, and if you have offers in the market still there, cancel them and with the Iron, Build as much LC as you can, and farm with them ASAP. Keep building them like there is no other thing matters, ( because it doesn’t ) You shouldn't build many buildings at this point, just concentrate on LC until you have about 50 - 80 of them. The farming should be brilliant by now, and your warehouse and farm should be a good level.
Research and Train about 10 – 20 scouts, and slowly begin to take out what is left of your area, if your farming is good, then Build up your axe count, by taking out players in your area, you are creating more farms. But be cautious, don't get too carried away. And only clear someone if you think it will be profitable in the long run.
After The Lc and axes are being pumped out, work on resources to around levels 16/17, build up the iron mine first – as you will need it to build LC, then build up Clay and wood, but not as high as the Iron.
( upgrade HQ to about 12, if you need to beforehand to get this done quicker )
If you don't have enough resources coming in to upgrade the mines.. just spend the resources to upgrade the wall. But this is unlikely.

HQ to 18-23
Stables to 10
Barracks to 6
Stables to 11
Barracks to 7
Stables to 12
barracks to 8
Stables to 15
barracks to 19-21

( building farm upgrades in between of course )

HQ to 24 If you have enough resources to comfortably do this without having to stop any queues
Smithy to 10
Workshop to 5 - 8 start training rams

Build up Your offence, Constantly farming all the villages around you and clearing any threats early on if you can. You will want to get a few Catapults as well, about 10-30, and if you know a player will dodge the attack, send some axes and cats to knock down his farm levels. Don’t destroy enemy villages too much, because they can become good noble targets later, and avoid attacking larger tribes and starting trouble with your tribe. Make sure you don't get backtimed. By sending some LC to hit the village at the times he would want to launch a counter.

upgrade HQ if you need to, to 25/26/27 - generally, if it is a slower world, then building a higher HQ is a good option. however most of the time, It is better to leave your HQ at 24/25 rather than 26 or 27.
SMITHY 20 ( also whilst your upgrading smithy.. upgrade Farm a few levels and warehouse too, try and save up for the noble building )
Coins/ nobles
Noble train ASAP
whilst finishing off upgrading your village, upgrade market aswell. so you can send resources to your new village, then confinue to build your nuke

Take your second village, with your offence and Noble train – you will be able to choose a large village to attack. Many times do I target the highest ranked player in my continent ( if that is not you ) and take there main village. If there tribe is weak, and your noble train is very good, then there is not much they can do. Because being High ranked, they will have offence too ( Defence is Slow ), so no need to scout – because they will not survive. The only thing to watch out for is a powerful paladin weapon. So if it is a weapon world, you might want to consider scouting first.
You do not want to lose most of your troops. If the noble is able to survive by sending it in the Nuke, then go for it! ( use simulator to help you )

Other Buildings you want to upgrade once you have taken Multiple villages and you have troops being queued: ( remember to specialise your villages in offence/defence )
Village Headquarters (Level 23)
Barracks (Level 25)
Stable (Level 20)
Workshop (Level 5)
Academy (Level 1)
Smithy (Level 20)
Rally point (Level 1)
Statue (Level 1)
Market (Level 20)
Timber camp (Level 30)
Clay pit (Level 30)
Iron mine (Level 30)
Farm (Level 30)
Warehouse (Level 30)
Wall (Level 20)

From this point Onwards Its just a matter of Staying Active, Nobling, helping out your tribe, and ALWAYS farming. Use scripts to help you if you are a premium user.
I recommend buying a premium because it makes things 100X easier J

Good luck and have fun! Hope this Guide helps some people.

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