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Sacred's Evaluation of O Villages

A word of intro. I am quite an experienced player when it comes to attacking, probably even considering all the stars we have here. However I will ONLY talk about Offensive armies as my experience in D is not enough to make me write anything.

The below is mostly just an adapted post from my tribal forum. It talks about lvl 3 but the ratios don't change for lvl 1 troops so the principle is the same.

Additionally, i might add from my experience Cavalry Offence was better to have then Infantry. This is because there are 2 types of players we will come to fight.
1) Noobs: Really bad look at HC and say: "Wow man! luk her this guyz got da best statz!". Some better ones will have swords as the are the most efficient unit. Both kill axes.
2) Experienced players. Have a lot of HC for same reasons as first noobs, BUT know how to use it. It is always better to hit a HC stacked village with LC's then axes.

I will refer to 3 O builds here. Troop numbers given below (rounded as i don't want to bore you), rams are not included for a simple reason I do expect anyone to be able to upkeep a smaller then 3.5k pop O village. If you plan to max O villages out, you might as well stop reading now. Take the ram numbers to verge between 300-400 depending on the size of village.

Normal: 5900 Axes - 3250 LC
Openeye: 11500 Axes - 1250 HC
OE - LC: 6750 Axes - 1200 LC - 1250 HC
First thing we really want to know is how powerful these armies are! However my graphs will add a time factor as we of course don’t want an army that is building too slow to be useful!

(the less time the better)

We can clearly see that Normal has the best time and strength! So why the hell do we at all look at OE's 2 builds? Well, the truth is they help with defence.
The 1250 HC's in each strategy OE has come up with grant us 1 freebie full D village for every 3 O's we build which means we can have more offence which balances the power and time! This way we can have 3 O villages for every 2 D villages.

Normal is stronger (by 3% lol) and takes only HALF!!! of the time to build then Openeye. Speed is VERY important on such a slow world. However, this means it uses the resources twice as fast. Has no defence in O villages for quick support and so requires a higher ratio of D:O villages.Normal is more flexible not allowing players to make a counter strategy

OE + LC is the middle ground. It is the weakest BUT it has a good build time of only 21 days. This is two weeks less then the Openeye Strategy. Secondly, it combines speed with Defence as it has the same defensive quantities as it's much longer to build cousin. It however eats up INSANE amount of iron, during the 3 weeks you build it your 2 O's would eat up iron from 3 villages. This requires high markets and a lot of activity on markets :( This makes it a good strategy for someone who has time.

The below shows efficiency of how much of an O you can build per day:

Clearly, when we need to take a part in an Op in 2 weeks and are weak we should go for the Normal Build.

But, if we take part in a long term war against a skilled opponent who manages to counter-attack painfully overall the LC strategy is more efficient.

Normal: Easily managed, efficient, powerful and limited resource juggling. Eaily adapted. No Defence. Limited amount of O:D villages. Not "stacking friendly" = weak against surprise attacks.

Openeye: No need for market trading. Has quick defense. 3 O's to 2 D's Requires a lot of activity. Takes VERY long.

OE + LC: Is fast and efficient. Has quick defense. 3 O's to 2 D's Needs huge markets in D villages. Always needs iron. Weakest of all 3. A lot of time spent sending resources.

Originally Posted by PeRvIs
For both you need high level markets which cut back on the pop. space available for troops.
I am assuming you will have ~100 merchants in an O vil maybe less and a full lvl 25 market in a D village. (bare in mind you will send to, not from the O's most of the time)

For below D village strengths I used a:

8k sp /2k HC build 1:1 ratio of D:O as Normal
11k sp / 1250 HC build 3:2 ratio as OE

There is a difference of ~25% in efficiency of both, but remember i assumed OE player had time to stack villages from O.
Secondly, although the 25% is not so much, remember the OE player also has 1 more O village at his disposal.
Thirdly, remember that the OE player took longer to build and will need to rebuild his O's as well after attacks hit due to losses in HC.

There are also several things that are more strategically than pure numbers can show.
OE's two builds are a real pain when it comes to manoeuvring defence. However, they provide you with a much less painful opportunity to snipe even big parts of an O village because LC and HC have a power of about 3k/5k sp/sw in a D, which means that they can kill A LOT even at lvl 1.

A Normal defence is much less of a pain and requires much less activity in general, which sounds simple but isn’t.

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