Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dodging and Backtiming Guide by xyziz

Well i made this in w26 some time ago, decided to share it now. Don't know if there has already been one posted, but anyway. Here it is:

Note, you need premium account to do this.

So, you find yourself in the situation where the person you have attacked has dodged with all his offence and sent the attack to arrive ~1 second after your troops get back. You think ZOMG WTF HAX!!!one11! HOW TEH FAR AM I TO DODGE IT (or maybe not that dramaticly, but yeah).

anyway, here is what to do.

step 1:

As the attack gets to say 1.5 min before your offence arrives back. The first thing you do is send all other troops in your base to go find some nice little village to go visit, so you have absolutely no units left in your base.

step 2:

Go to any report of an attack you have made (doesnt matter on who, where, when, outcome etc.)

and then clicky on the attack with all troops:

step 3:

Because all your troops are out of your base, you will get the following screen pop-up:

Now, as soon as your troops get back into your village, the page will automatically refresh, so what you need to do is have your mouse over where the ok button is to send the attack, which should be about where the red cross is on this (provided you leave your screen scrolled as much to the top as possible) Note i used a graphical package so the ok button may be slightly different for non-graphical packs (cant remember which one i used either):

Then provided your net is fast enough you should be able to dodge.

EDIT: Don't forget to click the OK button, it was brought to my attention that i forgot to mention this.

Hope this helps.


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