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Non Premium Guide by Wallam

Hi all,

This is a guide I am writing to share with you guys some sneaky tactics. It is the first guide I have ever written so be nice =D

First Tactic - Sniping the noble

This is the first tactic I am going to share with you guys. You probably all know it anyway but it’s good to be sure. It’s called sniping the noble.

When you are under attack on a village the best way to take that village from an attacking point of view is to send a noble train which usually comprises of 4 nobles one after the other, sometimes 5 if you really want to be guaranteed the village. This is a good timed noble train which I sent. The attacks are hitting in the same second, which makes it difficult for people to use the tactic I am talking about.

Now before that a clearing attack will be sent from a different village. So a few seconds before the noble train hits the clearing attack hits and so they can’t rebuild their defence before the noble hits. The tactic that I am going to show is dodging the clearing attack but then recalling the support to defend the nobles...

There are two ways of doing this. The first is to send away an attack on another village with your defensive troops, just before the clearing wave hits. You then cancel the attack and make sure it comes back after the clearing wave but before the nobles and so all the nobles are killed but the clearing attack does not kill your defensive troops and leave the village exposed. However this tactic has its flaws. For example if cats were in the clearing wave or one attack you thought was a ram fake was actually cats hitting your rally point then you could not cancel the attack and so your village would get nobled. A rally point takes 4 minutes to build and so as long as the cats hit less than 8 minutes before the nobles you would lose your village. Why 8 minutes? Because it takes 4 minutes to go out and 4 minutes to be cancelled.

The second way is much better in my opinion. What you do is either send your troops away and cancel them using the rally point before any attacks hit or you send them to support an abandoned village and withdraw them between the clearing and noble attacks noting the time it takes to get from the abandoned village back to the village you are trying to defend. If you have multiple villages another alternative is to send support from another one of your villages to land between the nobles and the clearing wave. This picture taken by me shows me sniping a noble train using the tactic I just mentioned.

You might notice a cancelled attack at the top of the screen and that was to dodge a scout attack that had just hit.

I find it better to let the first noble hit and snipe the other three as usually people send a larger forcer with the first noble in case the clearing attack has not fully cleared a village they can still reduce the loyalty and so I let the first noble hit and snipe the other 3 attacks.

The best way to snipe is to have a new window open with the times the attacks will hit but minimize it so you can still see the times and underneath have the button ready to press to send the snipe to the village. Your screen should look something like this.

Identifying attacks

The problem is with this tactic you have to be able to identify attacks. This is a topic I will say a short bit about now.

There is only one way to identify attacks accurately and that involves being online when the attacks are sent. In times of war when you are sleeping make sure you always get an account sitter so he can snipe noble trains/ identify attacks. This is especially important if you are on the frontlines. What you do is note the time that there was until the attack hit when you first noticed it. Don’t bother trying to identify them unless you are within a few minutes of them being sent. Then you go to the attack screen and type in 1 of a unit. E.G 1 spear and see the time it takes to get to your village. The closest time for 1 unit to the original time you noted down will have that unit in but remember the time you have noted down should always be smaller or the same as the closest unit. If you get it bigger than you have done something wrong or that unit is not involved in the attack.

To help you identify attacks. I suggest you build at least one of each unit (except nobles) in all of your villages. I know you specialize village but 1 ram is not going to take up too much farm space is it? You don’t build nobles for 2 reasons. The first is that they are very expensive and useless to have in a defensive village except from noble fakes (but we will come onto that later). The second is that if the attack is slower than ram speed than the attack has to contain a noble as rams are the second slowest unit but the nobles are the slowest and so it has to contain a noble.

Another tactic of identifying attacks works in the same way however instead of using units to work out the time you use an external site with a distance calculator on such as tribalwarsmap or twstats. Then you navigate the site to get onto the world you are being attacked in. Underneath each world there will be a function called distance calculator or travel times depending on which site you use. Click these and follow the instructions to work out which unit you are being attacked by. A screen will come up like this depending on which tool you use.

Tribalwars Stats:

Tribalwars Map:

Both of these methods give a list of travel times of each unit to the village and so it is another effective method of indentifiying attacks. If you have lots of attacks starting at the same second press PrtSC (print screen) and copy that into a paint document. Then use the times shown on that to help you identify the attacks than noting the times down. This is because otherwise you may not be able to note down all the times quick enough to accuratly identifying the incoming attacks.

Second tactic - Stopping Sniping of nobles

The second tactic is putting cats in a clearing attack or as a fake attack. This as I have already mentioned will stop the sniping of nobles however this attack will not work on experienced players due to them using the tactics that I have previously mentioned. A key to sending these attacks is sending them when your opponent is offline and so he cannot identify them. Now luckily the cats and rams travel at the same speed and so hopefully your opponent will think that an attack is a ram fake rather than a wave of cats. Make sure if you want the opponent to think it is a ram fake that you have already cleared the village with a different attack before the cats come in otherwise your cats will die and your nobles could get sniped. Now make sure the fake is less than 4 minutes before your last noble otherwise the rally point could be rebuilt in that time. This picture illustrates the tactic I just mentioned.

As you can see the attacks marked with a red dot are just normal ram fakes. However the clearing wave marked with a green dot has been disguised as a ram fake. The cats are just after and destroy his rally point. Then you have the noble train marked by the purple dots and finally the support for the freshly nobled village marked by a yellow dot. You may have noticed the noble train is not particularly well timed. With you destroying the rally point it does not have to be although it does help if the person uses the second method of sniping as it makes it much harder to snipe. (I did this pic as a tutorial so I could not be bothered to cancel and do it again =D. Usually my train would be four nobles in the same second in that situation but I was feeling lazy today =D). The flipside of this however is that players are more likely to use the first method of sniping on trains which are badly timed as it is an easier method of sniping as takes less time to set up. This is especially plausible in war where the player is likely to be receiving 30+ incomings on each village. However If a train is well timed it is easier to use the second method of sniping as it indicates the player is experienced and might try a few sneaky tricks of his own. Remember this tactic does not work on experienced players who use the second method of sniping and so it is always good to get the nobles the same second, and if not for any other reason to practice your timing.

Third Tactic - Support fakes

The third tactic to share with you guys is called support fakes. This is a devious tactic to make it look like you are nobling a different village to the one you are actually going for. This is the answer to the question, wont the support to a village destroy the point of fakes as it will be obvious which village you are planning to noble. The tactic is to send fake support to other villages that you have a fake noble train to. What you do is make 4 or so ram fakes look like a noble train by having them really close to each other and then put a few looking fakes before that. Then send 1 swordsman or another defensive unit as a support to hit just after the last ram. This means they will think that this village is getting nobled as well. If you do this to multiple villages it means he cannot move support around from one village to another. This increases the chance he will choose the wrong noble train to snipe because all your fakes noble trains and real ones should land at the same time. This would mean he only has the possibility of sniping one of the noble trains and fake noble trains and so the chances he chooses the right one are very slim. The attacks should look something like this.

Remember the support fakes should only be one defensive unit. Using swords is the best as it makes the fakes look more realistic if the owner of the village you are faking is online. Obviously you send real support to the village you have nobles’ en-route to and be careful not to mix up support fakes to the villages you have nobles’ en-route to.

Fourth Tactic - Nobling your own village

This tactic is very evil and can be used very effectively in certain situations. It is best used on a village right in the middle of an enemy cluster or you know you are going to lose. What you do is clear your village of troops and noble yourself 3 times make the last noble just before enemy attacks hit. Then the first noble of the enemy takes the village and then he nobles his own village another 3 time wasting his own troops and nobles.

Now in this situation you have two options. You can either laugh at the person who noble themselves and think how great you are or you can noble back the village. This all depends on the positioning of the village, if you don’t think you can re-take and hold the village then ignore the tactic I am about to mention. However if you think you would be able to hold the village after you have retaken it this is what you should do.

Attack your own village between the time of their last noble attack and there support arriving. This is an evil tactic as not only will they have cleared there own village for you and only have a few hundred troops in there, they will support your own village once you have nobled it back. This picture illustrates the scenario.

As you can see the enemy clears the village then nobles it with his first noble. He then proceeds to noble himself another 3 times before you come in and noble it straight back before the support arrives. This tactic is evil, but it works very well. Again, it is important to get the timing right otherwise you end up nobling the village either after the enemy support arrives or before the last enemy noble making the enemy noble the village straight back.

Fifth tactic - Mailing your enemy

You are probably thinking, what is he on about, what will mailing my enemy do. I can assure you I have used this tactic before and it worked beautifully. What you do is write a mail such as this one I used to convince the enemy you are a spy in your tribe working for there tribe.

Originally Posted by don’t worry
****** on 24.05. at 18:56

I am an There tribe spy working in your tribe and so I am mailing you to say don’t worry. All the attacks I am sending you are fake, but I had to send you one real one as they sit our account regularly to make sure were not spying. The support however is real but you might question, why am I splitting it up between different villages, why not send all my support from one village to one of your villages. Again it is to do with account sitting, I can claim that I accidentally typed in a couple extra 00's on each attack but if I send a huge amount it looks suspicious.

Again, don’t worry, the rest of my attacks to hit should be fakes.

- **********

P.S Delete this message after you have read it and replied and I will do the same (please reply to show me you understand). This is because I know there are Your tribe spies in their tribe, but I haven’t worked out who yet and so they might see this on your account. Please do not post this in there tribe forums as again there are your tribe spies in their tribe and my cover could be exposed.

P.P.S I should not tell you this, so please don’t tell There tribe leader It is because I know you have a lot of attacks hitting and so I wanted to take a load off your mind and let you concentrate on the real ones.. but if There tribe leader finds out he could get mad.. So please don’t tell him. I did it as I don’t want you to worry.. I know what its like to have loads of attacks hitting your villages ;)

******* on 24.05. at 22:30
Wait.. I just discovered a sitter sent a noble train at your village.. damn. The village in question is Actual village.. hopefully you can snipe it in time..

Don’t worry though about paying me back for the noble costs, I should have it covered..
Not only did this work beautifully and he thought all his attacks are fakes. Even after I nobled 4 of his villages, he was convinced that it was sitters that sent them and so I sent more trains and he still thought they were fakes. You might ask why I told him what village I was nobling.. well I told him 5 minutes before and I knew he wasn’t online. It also added credibility to my argument that sitters sent the trains as I told him before the nobles hit. It was a main reason why I managed to noble more of his villages. This tactic can be very effective although it does not work on most people it is still worth giving it a shot. There reaction is also very funny when they realise what has happened =D

Tactic 6 - Timing noble trains

A key tactic on tribalwars is being able to time noble trains and attacks well. This is primarily to stop the sniping of trains but also to confuse the enemy with well co-ordinated attacks. The main thing to do to get a good noble train is to use multiple windows. Line the windows up across the screen in the order you want them to hit so you want the clearing attack on the farthest right and then the nobles from right to left. This picture will illustrate what I mean. I am using rams as the timing aspect is still the same.

And as it happens this noble train wasn’t great but it is still a method which is a lot quicker than other methods and gets nobles closer together. You want nobles closer together in a train because they are harder to snipe. This image shows the result of the method shown in the last window they weren’t all on the same second but this train would still be difficult to snipe.

Tactic Seven - Identifying attacks when you weren’t online when they were launched

The first thing to do is to try and work out how skilled the player is who is launching against you. There are multiple ways of doing this the best ones are to first look at the timing of the supposed noble train, is it very close together? If it is then it roughly indicates the player has some experience. How many attacks are there? Is there just 5? If so dodge the first one or two and snipe the rest. Then check the ranking of the player. If he has a high points rank he is generally quite experienced but make sure you check the players OD rank too as he could just be a pointwhore.

After you have got as much information about the player’s experience as possible you should be able to tell the following:

- If the player is not experienced it is most likely he will not have disguised his noble trains well and so the most likely attack is probably the noble train. Snipe the attack after the first noble has hit in the noble train.

- If the player is experienced then it gets more difficult. Try to identify the villages the attacks are coming from if there is an attack coming from one village and then 4 from the same village snipe that attack. If there is more than one of these attacks where there is 1 attack from one village, 4 attacks form another, choose the set of attacks at the end.

- If the attack has support after it from an inexperienced player then that is probably the village getting nobled however if it is from an experienced player do not count that it that village getting nobled. This is especially true if there is multiple support coming from the attacking player travelling to different villages that you own. This is an image of an attack coming towards a village.

This image shows a village being attacked. Now say you were offline and then logged on to see this coming towards your village it would be plausible to snipe the attack after the first blue dot. This although not guaranteed to snipe the noble train is the most likely option and the best you can do in the situation.

- Copyrighted by Wallam (C).

Many thanks to these people who proofread or helped me with the guide:

- Mattcurr
- MasterFire
- Galum
- -OwNeD-

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