Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quick Attacking Guide by qwe4rty

It most definitely is possible to get noble trains less then 152 ms. I have screenshots of me getting 4 attacks in 148 ms and I've done faster.

Anyways, here's the guide on how:

1) Download Opera here

2) Go to Tools-->Preferences
-Then go to Shortcuts and enable Single Key Shortcuts
-Also go to Content and make sure Java Script is enabled

3) Type opera:config into the url field
-Scroll down to performance and click it
Max Connections Server to 16
Max Connections Total to 64
Network Buffer Size to 32
If you want, you can also uncheck Reduce Max Persistent HTTP Connections although I didn't.

4) Go to View --> Images --> Cached Images

Then get ready to send your attacks. Go to a village you want to attack. If your mouse has a middle mouse button, use that to open the Send Troops into 4 different tabs. Go to each tab and type in the troop numbers you wish to be sent in each attack, and make sure each attack is at the confirmation screen.

Go through each attack, and right click on the "Ok" button so that it the default action for the enter key. Once you've done this, you should see that it is outlined with a blue box.

Once you've done that, simply proceed by pressing Enter-2-enter-2-enter-2... to quickly move through tab and send the attack.

Changing these settings, I got 4 attacks within 148 ms on my first test.

As you can see, there's a difference in 148 ms between the first and last attack.

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